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Superdrug launches range of sanitary products for 'people who menstruate'

Oh my goodness. I am so, so impressed by @superdrug today; not only are their own brand LUNA pads are entirely plant-based, on the back it says ‘a person who menstruates’. A PERSON. YESSSS 😭🌈
Superdrug are so consistently good across the board. Thank goodness for them.
omg I love this!! Superdrug own products are always so good as well ❤
This is brilliant! Well done, @superdrug. Have been a huge fan of the own brand tampons since I was 15 and this just makes me love the store even more. Period champions!
saying only women menstruate erases the experiences of trans men who still go through menstruation. by saying ‘people who menstruate’ superdrug is acknowledging these trans men

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