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PHOTOS: NEW “Soul” Mr. Mittens Cat Mug Arrives at Walt Disney World

A shiny new mug has arrived at Walt Disney World that seems to be a cat from the upcoming Pixar film Soul.
Deep inside Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures, we found the mug amongst the kitschy dino decor.
The mug is a shimmery gradient of green and blue, with an orange handle. The cat’s facial features are painted in blue and green, with white whiskers.
The mug retails for $19.99.
The cat seems to be Mr. Mittens from Soul. Though Mr. Mittens doesn’t appear in any trailers, he does have two Funko Pops. The one on the right is the “soul” version of Mr. Mittens that greatly resembles this mug. The wonderfully chunky cat can also be seen on the new Pixar Anniversary boxes from McDonald’s Happy Meals.
Soul is set to hit theaters November 20th, after being delayed from June. Are you excited for Soul? Let us know in the comments.

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