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More nurseries allowed to reopen: MADLSA

As part of lifting the Covid-19 restrictions, the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) on Thursday published the names of 12 more nurseries that have been allowed to reopen.
« These nurseries have got approval for reopening as they have met the requirements and taken precautionary and preventive measures directed by the ministry against Covid-19, » a MADLSA tweet said.
The nurseries are: Noor International Nursery, Fairy Tales Nursery-West Bay, Blooming Bud’s, Cambridge Stars, Take Care of My Baby, The Learning Tree, Spring Field, Blossom 2, Fairy Tales Nursery-Ain Khaled, Kids Corner, Baby Garden and Mickey Mouse.
With the latest approval of the fourth list, as many as 59 nurseries have received approval to reopen.

The lists of remaining nurseries for reopening will be published when they meet conditions, preventive and precautionary measures, the ministry added.
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