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MARQUEE PULLMAN FRIDAY: "Tenet" Full Outbreak Friday; Deadly Hallows Part 2

Constitution of the United States of America
Tenet leads the way — will moviegoers flock to it as a after virus blockbuster? 
(Cinemas in NY, LA, NC and certain other states remain closed due to virus precautions. Open cinemas are on « social distancing » protocol/safe cinema maintenance. )
Harry Potter and Deadly Hallows Part 2 comes to certain Marquee sites. Goonies hangs around, too. 
Flashback fill ins almost over though: Sept 11, Conjuring Devil Made Me Do it and Broken Hearts Gallery go into « virus » wide release. The pattern allows for cinemas in states with open social distancing theaters to have new releases. They will emerge in the still heavy virus states when the illness cools. 

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