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Harry Potter AU roleplay

Basically the second alternate time-line of the Cursed Child.

During the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament, an over-eager fan of Harry Potter who wanted him to win did the same thing Albus and Scorpius did: she humiliated Cedric, leading him to join the Death Eaters. He killed Neville Longbottom, stopping him from destroying the last Horcrux and allowing Voldemort to kill Harry.

Now, Hogwarts is under the control of Dolores Umbridge. Dementors patrol the castle grounds, and the Ministry of Magic is under the control of the Augurey, who is secretly Voldemort's daughter. The Death Eaters have taken over the British wizardkind community, and no one can defeat them. It seems that all hope is lost..
Or is it?

You are a first year at Hogwarts in the year 2017, 19 years after the end of the Second Wizarding War. Will you decide to join the small rebellion, and perhaps even manage to defeat Voldemort and his forces? Or will you join the ranks of the Death Eaters?

Note that Muggle Studies is now a core class, Muggle Art and Muggle Music have been demolished as extra-curriculars and Defense Against the Dark Arts has been replaced with Dark Arts.

Sign up over here:

Forms sent here will not be accepted.

• Every character must be 11.
• You cannot have a "smarter than everyone else, gets perfect in every class, has IQ of 46,000, is very popular, everyone loves her and is her friend, all the teachers love her, can never be defeated, knows every spell and potion in the world" kind of character. All in all, no Mary Sues/Gary Stus.
• Don't give your character distant dragon blood or anything like that.
• No, your character cannot be part of some special prophecy that's only about them.
• Your Animagus or Maledictus form cannot be a mythical animal.
• Metamorphmagi and Maledictuses cannot be Animagi.
• Don't try to make your worst class an elective that you won't take in future years.
• You cannot be future Quidditch captain, prefect and Head Boy/Girl.
• You can only take Advanced Arithmancy if you take Arithmancy.
• You can only drop core classes and third year electives.
• You must fill out the whole form to join.
• You can have up to two characters, BUT: they cannot be in the same House, they cannot both be on their House's Quidditch team, they cannot both be Quidditch commentators, they can't both be prefects and they can't both be Head Boys/Head Girls.
• You may reserve things, but reservations last for only 12 hours.

• Don't cause drama out of roleplay.
• This roleplay doesn't revolve around your character(s).
• When speaking out of roleplay, use (brackets).
• Don't do ridiculous things in the roleplay.
• Do not force ships.
• No incestious ships.
• No godmodding (controlling other characters).
• Don't kill off an OC without the permission of the OC's owner and my permission.
• Before killing off your character, please notify me.

Reservation times:

Special traits
Connections to animals: 3/3 (FULL)
Legilimens: 3/3 (FULL)
Maledictuses (can only be female): 0/3
Metamorphmagi: 3/3 (FULL)
Occulumens: 3/3 (FULL)
Parselmouths: 2/2 (FULL)
Part elf: 1/2
Part giant: 0/2
Part goblin: 0/2
Part troll: 0/2
Part vampire: 1/2
Part Veela: 2/2 (FULL)
Seers: 3/3 (FULL)
Werewolves: 1/3

Boys: 1/5
Girls: 2/5
Chasers (2/3): Brystal McCrystal, Althea Rivers
Beaters (1/2): Sam Goyle
Future captain: Brystal McCrystal
Male prefect: Sam Goyle
Female prefect: Althea Rivers
Head Boy:
Head Girl: Althea Rivers

Boys: 3/5
Girls: 2/5
Chasers (0/3):
Beaters (0/2):
Seeker: Bartholomew "Bat" Velazquez
Future captain: Bartholomew "Bat" Velazquez
Male prefect: Hyeon Rhee
Female prefect: Hannah Eng
Head Boy: Bartholomew "Bat" Velazquez
Head Girl: Dulcie Ede

Boys: 2/5
Girls: 2/5
Chasers (2/3): Kodiak Sanders, Jasper Smythe
Beaters (1/2): Jillian Kat
Seeker: Alex Hamilton
Future captain: Alex Hamilton
Male prefect: Kodiak Sanders
Female prefect:
Head Boy: Kodiak Sanders
Head Girl: Alex Hamilton

Boys: 4/5
Girls: 3/5
Chasers (2/3): Allie Grace, Lola Hunter
Beaters (2/2)(FULL): Damien Dixon, Sebastian Smythe
Seeker: Roy Elflock
Future captain: Damien Dixon
Male prefect: Axewhale Heliott
Female prefect: Lola Hunter
Head Boy: Damien Dixon
Head Girl: Lola Hunter

Teachers, schedule and House points:

@Melx100•Felix Adams•Male•Homosexual•Shippable•Good•Hufflepuff•Connections to animals
@DakotaStars6649•Damien Dixon•Male•Pansexual•Shippable•Neutral•Slytherin•Metamorphmagus•Part Veela
@Rhino Schneider the III•Dulcie Ede•Female•Heterosexual•Shippable•Neutral•Hufflepuff•Part vampire
@Rhino Schneider the III•Roy Elflock•Male•Bisexual•Shippable•Evil•Slytherin•Parselmouth
@Brystal Granger•Hannah Eng•Female•Heterosexual•Shippable•Good•Hufflepuff•Seer
@Harvey Hallam•Sam Goyle•Male•Heterosexual•Shippable•Evil•Gryffindor
@Wiz Herondale-Carstairs•Allie Grace•Female•Bisexual•Shippable•Neutral•Slytherin•Legilimens
@Bulbasaur Girl•Alex Hamilton•Female•Heterosexual•Shippable•Good•Ravenclaw•Connections to animals•Metamorphmagus
@Bulbasaur Girl•Théa Hamilton•Female•Bisexual•Shippable•Neutral•Slytherin•Parselmouth
@Axewhale•Axewhale Heliott•Male•Shippable•Good•Slytherin
@Chocopocalypse•Lola Hunter•Female•Heterosexual•Shippable•Evil, later good•Slytherin•Occulumens•Werewolf
@Melx100•Jillian Kat•Female•Bisexual•Shippable•Neutral•Ravenclaw•Metamorphmagus
@Brystal Granger•Brystal McCrystal•Female•Heterosexual•Shippable•Good•Gryffindor•Legilimens
@DakotaStars6649•Hyeon Rhee•Male•Pansexual•Shippable•Neutral•Hufflepuff•Occulumens
@Gryffindor1343•Althea Rivers•Female•Heterosexual•Shippable•Good•Gryffindor•Part Veela•Seer
@K Kraken•Kodiak Sanders•Male•Bisexual•Shippable•Neutral•Ravenclaw•Legilimens•Seer
@JackSimms1778•Jasper Smythe•Male•Bisexual•Shippable•Good•Ravenclaw•Part elf
@Jimbob Daddario directioner Herondale-Blackthorn•Sebastian Smythe•Male•Bisexual•Shippable•Good•Slytherin
@Cabbage Man Fan•Bartholomew "Bat" Velazquez•Male•Bisexual•Shippable•Good•Hufflepuff•Connections to animals•Occulumens

Starting off:
King's Cross Station
10:50 AM
Friday, September 1, 2017
Everyone is waiting for the Hogwarts Express, which arrives in 10 minutes! Feel free to interact with each other!

Please note that no one is an Animagus yet. Y'all get to have fun with that in third year.

(Hehe ok-)

Hyeon walked up to the stool sorting thing. Again, the minute the hat touched his head, it yelled, "hUFFLEPUFF-"
"Smythe, Sebastian!"
@Jimbob Daddario directioner Herondale-Blackthorn
( @Bulbasaur Girl I recently thought up a good rp idea, when I get it all set up, is it ok if I base its character templates (the name, appearance, hogwarts classes, etc.) off of yours? I would be most grateful – but I completely understand if the answer's no…)
(Of course! You're welcome to use my forms and Google Docs as long as you ask me and give me credit :D)
(thank you so much! yes, I'll be sure to give credit!)
Sebastian strutted up to the stall, grabbed the hat and shoved it on his head, "yo Bob, give me a house."
"excuse me! Ì am not called Bob!"
"You are now, give me a house-"
"ugh, Huff- no, not smart enough, Gryf- no, not brave enough, Rave- not smart enough-"
"YkW, you can plonk yourself in Slytherin."
"Thanks." He walked off
"don't mention it."

(Who’s next BG?)
(hehe….bob…..*spits coffee*)

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