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Fond memories of reading Ramona series

As a parent who has volunteered for the past 12 years to go in and read aloud many, many children’s books to a particular kindergarten classroom at Fort River Elementary, as well as almost every kid’s book available to my own daughter growing up (now 18 and in first year of college), I have a real fondness for little kids and children’s literature.
So, I was very pleased to read Bill Newman’s Sept. 5 column, “Remembering Ramona.” I, like Mr. Newman, have vivid memories of reading all of the series of Ramona books to my own little girl. But in particular, I remember taking a few of the Ramona series along on a first trip to Walt Disney World when my child was 6. There, in a hammock strung between two palm trees on a “fake” beach, I remember reading “Ramona … Age 8,” as my daughter played in the sand right below me. I also remember reading Ramona at the kids pool by the “faux” Mayan Pyramid with a waterfall.
I agree with Mr. Newman. Beverly Cleary’s books are unique and extraordinary in expressing a kid’s special viewpoint on the world. He ended his column with a cute line from his precocious 2-year-old granddaughter who wanted her mom’s attention and couldn’t seem to get it by saying, “Times are Hard … Oh Well.” Indeed, out of the mouths of little children.
So thank you Bill, for a thoughtful remembrance of a classic series for kids, and a timely respite in these weirdly “Hard Times.” “Ramona Forever.”
John Ross
Mac Kimmie
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