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Disney Releases Official Trailer For 'Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom'

Today, Disney+ shared the trailer for its upcoming original series “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” premiering globally on Friday, September 25.
Disney+’s Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, produced by National Geographic and narrated by the award-winning, fan-favorite Josh Gad (Beauty and the Beast), gives viewers a backstage pass to explore the magic of nature within Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT. Each of the eight episodes dives into the details, unveiling the multifaceted aspects of animal care, conservation, and Disney Imagineering and showcases the parks’ magnificent array of more than 300 species and 5,000-plus animals and the herculean tasks their animal care experts undertake to keep things running day and night.
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Since Walt Disney first introduced the world to Mickey Mouse in 1928, animals have been at the heart of Disney storytelling. We’ve ventured deep into the forests with Bambi; swing through the jungles of Africa with Terk and Tantor; stood atop Pride Rock with Simba, and swam under the sea with Sebastian. Now, through Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney+ viewers peek behind the curtain of the most-visited theme parks in the world to explore Earth’s iconic animal kingdoms with Disney’s dedicated and highly skilled animal care experts and veterinary teams as guides.
The docu-series introduces viewers to enchanting animals that have their own unique personalities and family dynamics, inviting fans of Disney, nature, and animals to spend time with all the parks’ residents in brand-new ways, including the following:
filmed across five months, the series incorporates cutting-edge technology, including custom-built GoPro enclosures, 18-foot cranes, and underwater camera systems, to highlight the magic found in every crevice of the kingdom. Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom dives into the details of each park, unveiling the multifaceted aspects of animal care, operations, and Imagineering. Viewers get up close to veterinarians working in one of the world’s most advanced animal health facilities as they solve a menagerie of medical mysteries and revolutionize the care they give to their animals.
Groundbreaking conservation remains a critical component of The Walt Disney Company’s mission, and Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom also highlights the parks’ commitment to protecting the magic of nature. Since 1995, the Disney Conservation Fund has directed $100 million to support nonprofit organizations working with communities to save wildlife, inspire action and protect the planet. In addition, Disney Conservation Team Wildlife works hand-in-hand with the animal care teams to deliver best-in-class scientific programs to conserve wildlife in Disney’s backyard and beyond and inspire people from around the world to care for the planet through everyday actions.

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