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WATCH: Ride Rehab Watches – “Kraft Salutes Walt Disney World's 10th Anniversary”, “Cranium …

Tonight at 9pm EST, Tyler and Thomas of the Ride Rehab Podcast here on WDWNT, sit down with Ben of ParksCenter, and Matthew Soberman to watch and riff along with some ridiculous Disney Parks videos! We’ll joke along while watching “Kraft Salutes Walt Disney World’s 10th Anniversary”, plus an “Epcot Educational Cartoon” about Cranium Command and NOT Buzzy, and “Magic Journeys 2D”. No glasses required… but there might be a hidden surprise!

Ride Rehab Watches is the WDWNT show of watching ridiculous, retro, and sometimes outdated Disney Parks videos for the first time, riffing and joking along with it. Watch a playlist of past episodes below including last week’s live show!

Tyler is the co-host of the Ride Rehab Podcast on WDWNT. In addition to being an avid Walt Disney World fan, and Planet Coaster attraction re-creator, he writes and illustrates his own comics and graphic novels.


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