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Travel During Covid: Improvised Summer Vacations

This article is part of “Life in Quarantine,” dispatches from around the world about how people are getting through the coronavirus pandemic. This installment looks at travel and vacations during the lockdown.
Christy Reynolds and her family thought hard and decided on a summer holiday plan that normally wouldn’t top their list: the world-wide tourist destination just down the road from their Central Florida home.
They hit Walt Disney World just after it reopened in mid-July, with coronavirus cases surging in their state.
The 42-year-old women’s boutique owner and her family live in Oakland, Fla., about a 20-minute drive from the theme park. They decided on a last-ditch staycation.
Ms. Reynolds, her husband, Tom Reynolds, and their children, Lily, 13, Gus, 10 and Posy, 6, had been quarantining since March. “We were finally able to get out and do something as a family,” she said. “We kind of wanted to just like celebrate that we all survived.”

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