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Top 10 things to add to your autumn bucket list

Shippensburg University
Autumn is coming, bringing cool weather, pumpkins, bonfires and Halloween. It might be hard to get into the fall spirit this year but make the most of it with these top 10 ideas to incorporate into your fall bucket list. 
1. Apple picking
What a perfect way to spend a sweater-weather day in an apple orchard. Take a friend to Boyer Nurseries & Orchards in Biglerville and pick a basket worth of apples. 
2. Sunflower photo op
Do you ever get jealous over seeing your friends post dozens of amazing sunflower photos? This year take a trip to Meadowbrooke Gourds in Carlisle and take photos in the sunflower fields to spruce up your social media feed.
3. Visit local markets
During the fall season, fruit and vegetable harvest is at its peak. Shopping at farmer’s markets helps support your local farmers and bring fresh, locally grown foods into your kitchen. Stop by Maplewood Farm Market in Shippensburg or Farmers on the Square in Carlisle every Wednesday to pick up some fresh goods. 
4. Go to a pumpkin patch or corn maze 
Going pumpkin picking is a fall must. Take your friends to Paulus Farm Market in Mechanicsburg to enjoy a wonderful hayride to the farm’s large pumpkin patch and corn maze. 
5. Harry Potter marathon 
There is nothing better than snuggling around the TV with big blankets and butterbeer while watching all eight Harry Potter movies. Plan a marathon with friends or by yourself and feel the magic of fall and the Wizarding World. 
6. Bake fall goods 
With all the apple picking and pumpkin harvesting you’re going to have some leftovers. Try baking some apple pies or other fall treats like pumpkin tarts, caramel apples and pumpkin bread. Don’t be afraid to whip up something delicious in the kitchen.  
7. Go canoeing or kayaking 
Embrace the fall weather and trees while you kayak or canoe down the Susquehanna River or your local creek. According to Better Health, canoeing and kayaking improves cardiovascular fitness so you can maintain your physical health even when the season gets colder. 
8. DIY fall décor 
Get into the autumn spirit by decorating your dorm room or apartment with DIY fall decorations. Get in touch with your creative side and find some ideas on Pinterest or if you are not the creative type, find a day to go décor shopping. 
9. Host a bonfire 
Roasting marshmallows over an open fire while wearing cozy flannels and a vest is the perfect way to spend an autumn evening. The semester starts to pick up in the fall and an easy way to wind down is to plan a bonfire party with close friends. But remember to observe social distancing guidelines.
10. Buy fall clothes 
Do you need more sweaters and comfy clothes? Take a day out of your busy schedule and take a trip to the mall (or go online) and shop for more fall clothing. If you are on a tight budget go thrifting instead.
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