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Tom Felton Is Out Here On TikTok Singing Songs About Hermione Like The Fanfic I Wrote In 2010

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Meanwhile on TikTok, Tom Felton is having a bit of a fun one. The bloke’s been posting non-stop Hamilton content since the musical hit Disney+ back in July. He really likes to sing. But in amongst this is a video of Felton singing a song called Hermione to Hawaii. Yes, Hermione to Hawaii. 
Felton, who starred as villainous boy wizard Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, joined TikTok back in July. Like almost everybody else I know, it was a decision shaped by lockdown.
Since then, Felton has shared a slew of videos of his life in quarantine, Hamilton, dogs, and Harry Potter (of course).
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B: Hamilton.
There is so much Hamilton on Felton’s TikTok. He calls it Hamiltom, actually.
Here he is singing You’ll Be Back, performed by Jonathan Groff in the OG musical. Although, Felton doesn’t dramatically spit like Groff does.
He really likes this song, tell ya what.
Exhibit C: the Hermione song.
Lyrics include: “‘Cos all I want to be with is a girl called Hermione / Kicking back is where you can find her and me” and “oh my dear Hermione / Draco wants to be beside thee”.
That gave me such violent flashbacks to Tumblrs dedicated to Dramione – because people really did ship Hermione and Draco together – gifs and oneshots (I cringed typing this entire sentence). If you don’t know what oneshots are, let’s keep it that way. Trust me, it’s for the better.
Earlier this year, Felton took part in a special chapter-by-chapter lockdown reading of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Basically, a number of actors from the original films, spinoffs, and play each took it in turns to read chapters of the book.
The narrators aren’t just limited to Harry Potter stars though, because Jonathan Van NessOlivia ColmanWhoopi GoldbergHugh Bonneville, and David Beckham all joined in too.
Precious man Daniel Radcliffe kicked it all off with the first chapter, while Felton read chapter 14 with a little help from Mum and Dad.
Watch now:
— Wizarding World (@wizardingworld) July 8, 2020
TikTok / @t22felton

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