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This Etsy Seller Creates Beautiful Disney Confetti

The pandemic has impacted us Disney fans in a whole host of different ways. Some of us are stuck working from home, others unable to travel to the theme park due to local lockdowns, and some have faced even more daunting challenges. A good friend of ours, Love Chubly Creates, has turned to Etsy to showcase her creative nature by creating a whole host of Disney confetti and table scatter.
These are perfect for events and occasions like a bridal shower, mother’s day, a birthday party, New Year’s Eve or even just as a gift for one of your loved ones.
Here’s what creator Danielle had to say about why she created her Etsy store:
I had started making confetti from old Harry Potter books that I had gotten from a charity store for an event that didn’t end up going ahead. I asked around on Twitter if this was something anyone would want to buy if I made more and the response was overwhelming and my Etsy store was born! I had always been after a creative hobby that was away from a screen and had never settled on one until I started picking up papercraft.
The Harry Potter confetti in question:
Now, my Etsy store has a slightly deeper meaning. I lost my job of 5 years in July and currently my Etsy store is my only income. Not only does it help financially, but it’s something of a distraction from the outside world and helps me take my mind off things for a little while. It’s also been great to add a little bit of Disney into people’s lives!
Better yet, if you want a custom order, she can do those as well. Here’s what she had to say on custom orders:
I have made several custom Disney orders and also used it in a gift reveal for a friend when I told her I was taking her to see Frozen the Musical! I love doing custom orders that are taken through my Instagram, it lets me put together a whole idea in my head and see it through to completion and then for the customer to receive it and love it…it’s a little bit of magic!
Each order is only £4 ($5.13) and you can check out her full collection over on her Etsy page. If you’re from the US and want to order then go and check out her Instagram (this is also where you can request custom orders!).
If you’re into fanmade Disney merch then check out these other creations from Disney fans:
If you are a Disney Etsy creator and want us to cover you then give us a shout in the comments below!

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