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The one flaw with Disney+ Hotstar's Indonesia launch: there's already a 'Hotstar'

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India’s Disney+ Hotstar entered Indonesia on 5 September, the first international launch of the fused brand since Disney became Hotstar’s parent
Indonesia, a market of 267 million people, still offers plenty of growth opportunity for digital content, but it’s also tough to crack
Disney+ Hotstar grew on the back of Hotstar’s strengths at home: cricket and Bollywood. Those won’t fly in Indonesia
The Indian streaming app will have to find local partners to gain relevance. There’s one company, Vidio, which has Hotstar ambitions of its own
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On launch day, it offered a selection of local and international films for free. This included the 2018 hit Black Panther, whose lead actor Chadwick Boseman had just passed away due to cancer. The publicity worked; tweets went viral, and the Disney+ Hotstar app shot up the ranks to #1 in the entertainment category in Indonesia’s Google Play Store.
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