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The Cutest 'Star Wars' Macarons in the Galaxy!

If you love Star Wars and you love food, we’ve found your new favorite baker. Instagram user @sugardevotion, real name Katrina, is a self-described “macaron hobbyist.”
From the looks of her adorable creations, Katrina is more of a macaron baking expert than hobbyist! We’ve never seen such adorably detailed French macaron styles before.
She shared some Star Wars macaron characters to her Instagram account and the results are nothing short of “stellar”.

Katrina shared details about the Baby Yoda, Jawa, Ewok, and Chewbacca macarons in the caption:
Decorations are fondant, royal icing, color dust, gel color and the spear is matcha green tea Pocky Sticks 😋. Who knew they would come in handy for these macarons. My usage of gel color for shading is questionable, I’m just not very good at painting nor do I have a good sense of light/depth perception 😆. PS. They are 3 inches in height just in case you’re wondering how big they are.
@sugardevotion also shared close-up photos of the four Star Wars macarons and the detailing is incredible! Talk about inspiration for Star Wars Day 2021.
Chewbacca is wearing his iconic bandolier.
The Ewok macaron is far too cute to eat.
We can almost hear the Jawa jabbering on Tattooine.
And Baby Yoda’s sherpa collar looks like it would actually feel soft to the touch!
In addition to her adorable Star Wars treats, Katrina from @sugardevotions has shared other Disney desserts to her Instagram page.

She captioned this post of Eeyore, Pooh Bear, and Dumbo macarons:
Of all the Disney’s characters, #eeyore and #dumbo are my most favorite! Which #disneycharacter is your favorite?

Her Toy Story alien macarons would be perfect for a children’s birthday party theme paying tribute to the Pixar movie! We love how the toy alien macarons have different expressions.

Katrina has also created sweet treats inspired by classic Walt Disney animated characters. She captioned this photo of Donald Duck and Daisy Duck macrons:
Donald and Daisy forever and ever ❤️!? Have you or anyone you’ve known been in a happy loving relationship for as long as you can remember? 😉 Mickey and Minnie don’t count.
Visit the official @sugardevotion Instagram page for more adorable Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars macaron creations!
Which Star Wars character macaron is your favorite? This writer is partial to Chewie. I’d love to see a stormtrooper and an oversized Millennium Falcon macaron too!

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