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September Event Calendar Update + Surprise Dragon Week

lets also hope this event spawns really really increase, there are 8 foundables target to prestige.
Have a gift, I'm sorry for hurting you. Is this a healthy relationship?
I was a more engaged and profitable customer after SOS, until the recent debacle. Not sure that I’ll play again, even if you dangle dragons, unless the underlying disrespect to your customers is addressed. Thank you.
Wondering what will be the effect of Trace Potion… extra sightings of dragons or only regular foundables…?
The announcement says "special 1km dragon portmanteaus" with no mention of eggs. I hope this is a typo and these will be EGGS, not dragons. We can't prestige the pages without eggs.
@AllegroVivace They are Portkeys with the eggs in them. Four colored Portkeys, with the eggs, so you can differentiate between them. An image from Orange Wizard was already posted with pictures of each portkey and the eggs contained in them. I would repost it, but then my post would go in to moderation for over a week, until the mods get back from vacation. They are exactly as they were from the event last year, if you were playing back then.
@BenTiger I did play back then and I liked that we could distinguish the portmanteaus from each other. I think I'm just paranoid after the dirty bait-and-switch they pulled with the trace charm, so I'm reading everything as carefully as possible. I follow OrangeWizard too but hadn't seen his latest update – thanks! Very glad to hear it's the same mechanics as last year.
I messaged support and asked why this event only offers items through portkeys. Pandemic is not over and some of their players, me included, have has the corona virus. Even with my milder case, I have lingering symptoms. My heart muscle is weakened and my resting pulse is too high. Being outside in the heat makes it worse and I live in Florida. There response was to walk around my house a lot. First awesome event in forever and they aren't making it something for everyone. Sure, there's the option to buy keys and if this weren't a dit
Dragons won't fix you gaslighting your community. I might reinstall the game for this week, catch some dragons. But after that, I'm done until you allow an SOS tree reset (giving everyone back their resources). You "messed up" by introducing an awesome feature, lied to us about how it will work for months, cheated most of your users out of their resources, then gaslit everyone when we pointed out your dishonesty. Check your user base this weekend. If you keep on like this, you've killed your game. If you allow a skill tree reset, I suspect everyone will return. It's not hard, and this is an existential choice for your product. Don't mess this up.
Dragons mean nothing, bring trace charm as it was.
Dragons mean nothing, make the trace charm what it was.
Love the dragons, hate the flagrant deception. I’ll be level 60 soon, and what then?! I’ll tell you what: I played hard from the beginning and got handed empty promises and half-hearted ‘good-will gifts’ to compensate for my massive losses at every turn. HA! What a joke. I’m in for a lot of money spent and feel RIPPED OFF… because I have been. Thanks Niantic. Enjoy the profits from your imploding dumpster fire of a ‘game’.

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