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PHOTOS, VIDEO: The Jurassic Park Discovery Center Now a UOAP Lounge at Universal's Islands …

Universal Orlando Annual Passholders just got a new perk at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The Jurassic Park Discovery Center, which is usually full of interactive fun and games, but has been closed due to COVID-19, has reopened as an exclusive lounge for passholders dining at The Burger Digs.
The Burger Digs is on the upper floor of the building, while the Discovery Center and lounge are downstairs. Passholders can mobile order and then take their food downstairs to dine in the lounge.
The lounge closes at 3:00 PM daily, but the manager was nice enough to give us a tour after it had closed.
There are condiments downstairs and there are thirteen tables available.
Though interactive games are closed, there are still some great dinosaur figures that will loom over you as you eat.
Screens in the Discovery Center now show the UOAP logo.
You may not get to see a Velociraptor egg hatch, but you can sit right next to the eggs in the nursery.
The center display of eggs will rotate next to your table.
The areas with interactive games have been fenced off for now.
Guests will have to go back upstairs for drink refills, but we did notice that the freestyle machines have new Plexiglass dividers so all three machines can operate at the same time.
The Burger Digs will be getting some new UOAP-exclusive dishes to the menu soon, though we didn’t learn any further details.
The Discovery Center is an almost exact recreation of the set from the first Jurassic Park film, so it’s a great place for fans to visit.
If you’re curious about the process of mobile ordering food at Universal Orlando Resort right now, make sure to check out our post about it.
You can also watch a video tour of the new lounge below.
Will you be visiting this lounge on your next visit to Universal’s Islands of Adventure? Let us know in the comments.

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