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PHOTO REPORT: Disney Outlet – California 9/2/20 (Long Lines, $8 Galaxy's Edge Tees, Last …

Downtown Disney District is open and in full swing, with new merchandise coming in daily. With the parks extended closure this year, we were curious to see what merchandise has already made its way over to the Disney Outlets. We headed over to the store closest to Disneyland in Commerce, California, to see which items have ended up on the shelves. Let’s check out the deals!
Lately, everyone has been needing a Disney fix. Following suit of Downtown Disney, a line of guests wrapped around the building while waiting to enter the store.
Benches have been placed along the wall to give guests a seating area while waiting.
Two people are allowed to sit at opposite ends of each bench.
After waiting about 30 minutes, it was almost our turn to enter!
This location is operating from 11:00 am-7:00 pm daily.
Right as you enter, you can see signage giving an extra health and safety reminder.
Currently, the twice upon a year 50% off sale is happening (for select styles).
Right away, we noticed the front display table was full of graphic t-shirts on sale for $4 and up. Most of the styles have the same red, white, and blue color scheme, leading us to believe this was merchandise meant for the 4th of July.
This deep blue Snow White tank was available for $9.98, originally being $16.99.
Another top that stood out was this medium bluish-gray Star Wars t-shirt with various patches.
This shirt is available for just $5.98.
To the right of the table, we noticed even more t-shirts on sale.
This bright yellow “made in the 70’s” t-shirt went from $24.99 down to $8.99.
Because 2020 is the year we all want to remember, this Disneyland Happy Near Year shirt thankfully joined the sale section.
The classic Disneyland logo sits in a white font underneath the bright graphic. Originally $24.99, this t-shirt now costs $7.99.
For those of you missing Black Spire Outpost, this sale t-shirt featuring Chewbacca and R2-D2 can be bought for $8.99.
A small orange Black Spire Outpost emblem sits at the bottom left of the shirt.
Surprisingly, this children’s Millennium Falcom shirt is one of the more expensive sale shirts being $9.99 (originally $29.99).
On the left side of the store, many jackets and sweatshirts could be found at discounted prices.
This patriotic Mickey pullover joins the red, white, and blue merchandise.
Mickey sits front and center with a star pattern placed on his ears.
Although originally $44.99, you can now purchase this pullover for $19.98.
This red crewneck sweatshirt features Mickey’s hands making a rainbow filled heart on the right corner of the top.
Down from $39.99, you can bring home this crewneck for $23.98.
If those two weren’t your style, maybe this denim Mickey Mouse jean jacket will suit you.
A patch in the upper right corner states “Mickey Mouse” in a bold white text.
The leader of the club wasn’t giving us any good deals on this item, so this denim jacket stayed full price costing $59.95.
These satin like blue and red shorts went from $19.99 to $7.89.
On the bottom right corner of the shorts, you can see yellow Mickey embroidery.
These Mickey Ear Hat Leggings that we are used to seeing in World of Disney at Downtown Disney went from $39.99 to $23.98.
Also available at Downtown Disney District, we spotted many of the popular face masks.
Each mask is still priced at $5.99.
Next on the list, plushes.
We found many of these patriotic Mickey and Minnie plushes near the front of the store.
Mickey is looking very dapper in his blue and red outfit.
Originally being $21.99, this Mickey is now available for $8.98.
Minnie looks just as good with her red and white striped shirt and blue and white star skirt.
She is also $8.98.
While Fourth of July merchandise fills up a lot of the store, you can still find these Easter Mickey and Minnie plushes near the registers and to the front right of the store.
Down from $22.99, this fluffy colorful Mickey rabbit is just $5.98.
Here comes Minnie cottontail…
Just like Mickey, Minnie is available for $5.98.
Along the back wall, medium plushes are $18.00 each with the purchase of 2 or more.
Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Buzz Lightyear, Gabby Gabby, Lotso, Experiment 624: Angel, Nemo, and Dory are all available.
If you would rather go with someone from a galaxy far far away, Baby Yoda can be purchased at full price for $24.99.
From the 2019 October Wisdom Collection release, this plush Genie now costs $15.98.
“Like so many things, it’s not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.”
The Genie was the 10th addition to the Disney Wisdom Series.
While Halloween is just around the corner, it’s never too early to be thinking about the holiday season. We found a few Christmas items from last year on sale.
This Minnie and Mickey towel was originally $14.99, but can now be purchased for $5.99.
Everybody wants a pink Disney tinsel tree, right?
It is 14 inches tall and includes 12 ornaments.
The retro art on this packaging makes the $16.99 sale price worth it.
If the tree just wasn’t enough, you can get this set of “toothpick holders” for $8.99.
For your Halloween/Christmas crossover, you can take your own pet Zero home on a leash for $12.99.
This item was originally priced at $30.00.
For all the pin collectors out there, this Mickey Mouse memories pin collector book was just $14.99.
As summer comes to an end, the beach towels have gone on sale for $6.99 each!
Many school accessories are also available for purchase at the Disney Outlet Store.
This princess backpack featuring Pocahontas, Cinderella, Mulan, Merida, Moana, Aurora, and Rapunzel can be bought at full price for $29.99.
This light blue princess Disney Animators Collection backpack is also $29.99.
If you’re looking for something with a little bit more jazz, this pastel colored sequin backpack is $29.99.
Minnie is accompanied by a star and cloud patch on the bottom right of the bag.
For all the bounty hunters out there, this hard-shell Mandalorian backpack is full price at $29.99 as well.
To accompany the backpack of your choice, different lunch boxes can also be purchased. This blue Frozen sequin box features a portrait of Anna and Elsa surrounded by snowflakes.
A light blue strap sits on the top of the lunch box. This can be bought at full price for $16.99.
This Mandalorian lunch box is also $16.99.
To make the carrier even better, it glows in the dark!
These small Toy Story and Minnie Mouse thermoses are on sale for $5.98.
Minnie Mouse and Spider-man sectional food containers are the same price at $5.98.
“Forever let us hold our banner high! high! high! high!”
This canvas “M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E” bag is on sale for $12.98, down from the original price of $34.99.
The last bit of merchandise we are going to look at today is the Walt Disney Studios section.
This bright red Minnie Mouse cap is sure to make a statement.
The back has Walt Disney Studios embroidered in a small black font. This can be purchased for $24.99.
This Walt Disney Studios Mickey Mouse executive journal has a faux leather cover with a small centered metal plate.
The inside lining features a Mickey Mouse comic print. The notebook itself is over 150 pages.
This notebook is available for $19.99.
Need help carrying some of your supplies from the studio? This large Walt Disney Animation Studios tote can be of benefit for $34.99.
As the fall approaches, jacket season will slowly be coming back to California. This lightweight Mickey Mouse Bomber Jacket features an embroidered “Walt Disney Studios” logo in the right corner.
Even Mickey made his way into the logo.
And to make it even better, Mickey Mouse himself sits on the back of the jacket. This is available for $69.95.
If you want some Los Angeles specific Disney merchandise, this simple grey Mickey t-shirt is $26.99.
This Mickey Mouse Plush is a medium size with a white Los Angeles t-shirt on. The bottom of his right foot has the Disney Store Los Angeles embroidered in red.
You can take him home at full price for $24.99.
That’s everything from this visit to the Disney Outlet Store near Disneyland Resort. Let us know what you’ll be getting on your next visit!

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