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[ONLINE] Harry Potter Discussion: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Stuck at home? Wondering if this is the Twilight Zone? Feel like joining a virtual book club? You’re in luck!

This week’s meet-up will be about magical creatures in Harry Potter! From mythology, Hogwarts, to Newt Scamander, there’s so much to chat about and poke plot holes in. What are the craziest animals in this world? What do dementors represent? Are nifflers more cute or utterly destructive? How powerful are phoenixes? Should sleeping dragons be tickled? Join us in musing about these fantastically insane animals.

We use the theme simply as a starting point. We’ll go off on any number of tangents (Potter-related or no), so it’s a pretty informal discussion/chat. With the tension and self-quarantines, now’s the perfect time for a silly escape. So we’re doing this discussion via web conferencing!

IMPORTANT: We’ll be using Google Hangouts for the video chat. The direct link to the Hangouts page is here:
Harry Potter Seattleites

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