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Oliver Wood imagine

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So today I am back with another Harry Potter imagine… I just finished the series yesterday and let me tell you, it brought back so many memories I had! Honestly, I wish I could go there and see all those beautiful people, places.

So, for all my Oliver Wood lovers, here’s an imagine with him. Enjoy!

This year you promised to yourself that you will try to get into Gryffindor’s quidditch team. This is the year you were feeling at the best form. You trained all summer with your brothers and to be honest, they were dicks about it at first, saying it’s a waste of their time, but later on they were the ones to shed a sweat. You have heard that the captain of Gryffindor’s quidditch team, Oliver Wood to be exact, always makes it hard for newbies to get in, but you believed in yourself, even tho your legs were shaking a bit.

« There you are! » Said already known voices from behind.

« Look, George, someone looks like she saw a Nearly Headless Nick » said Fred.

« Are you okay? We definitely can give some SPECIAL candies to Oliver. » said George.

« Oh stop it, guys! I can do it on my own. You know, I have been practising. »

Both of them looked at each other.

« Yeah we heard. » twins said together. « You were a pain in the ass we heard. »

They gave a high five to each other and started going leaving me with an open mouth.

« What’s that suppose to mean? Did my brothers complain again? » I said already annoyed at them.

They just passed me laughing and shouted before disappearing « See you at the training! »

I was furious! I will kick all of their asses today.

Well it was time. All of the team were standing in front of us, newbies. But we were missing one more person. Oliver Wood. So, the captain is late? What a role model, huh?

« Should we get started? » Said Fred.

« But Oliver isn’t here yet. » Opposed Harry.

« Thank you, Harry. Let’s begin now that I am here. » Suddenly said a voice behind us. Oliver went through our little group and got in front of us. He looked us down « You all are for chaser position, right? »

I nooded with the rest of the group. Oliver got on top of his broom and flew to his position. « What are you waiting for? We don’t have all day! » He shouted.

I did the same thing and waited for the start of the game. Soon all the balls were released and I had my eyes only on quaffle. Honestly it all went pretty well, I avoided some of the bludgers, even players and finally I snatched quaffle and flew to one of the hoop. Oliver had his eyes on me and I knew it’s not gonna be easy and it wasn’t. Oliver defended the hoop from all players and I knew it was my last chace to get in. I flew faster and faster I saw a bludger coming my way so I rotated myself upside down and flew that way. When I was really close I took the ball into another hand, rotated back on top of the brom and threw it to the left bottom of the hoop and to my suprise… It passed the hoop! Oliver wasn’t fast enough to stop it! I just stayed still and couldn’t believe my eyes. The captain looked at me and smiled. « Good job » he said.

After that match we all met on the grass and all of the teammates congratulated me. Me and a couple of other kids got into the team as well. We decided to celebrate in the common room.

After that everything went pretty well: the matches, the lessions and… things with Oliver. We actually got pretty close. We would come earlier for the practises, he would accompany me to my room and even classes. Everyone around would tease us and especially Oliver about when he is going to ask me out. Not gonna lie, I was waiting for that as well. And one day he did. He nervously asked me to a date.

Well let’s just say it all went amazing. We started… dating you could say? I often would spend days at his room, practise with him, we would spend holidays together, he would often suprise me with little presents. We would tease each other pretty often as well. Let’s just say I was happy. Verry happy I have him by my side.

One day as usual we all came to practise, tomorrow we have a very important game against Slytherin. Oliver was anxious all week. We were in the air and twins started joking as usual to ease the mood and George accidentally lost bludger. We were all laughing except Oliver, I saw how pissed he was. He flew to the twins « George, Fred, come on guys, stop messing around. Take this seriously! »

« Oliver, we all feel like at funeral! We need to ease a bit. » said Fred.

« We can’t make any mistakes! You are just joking around and it doesn’t do any good! »

« Hey, Oliver, calm down a bit. The joke was actually funny and we do need to- » I started saying but was brushed off.

« Oh, keep it to yourself. I don’t need to hear your opinion. »

Geroge and Fred looked at Oliver in astonishment. Oliver seemed to be in shock too.

« I think we trained enough today. Come on, Fred. Let’s leave these two alone. »

The Twins flew away and I was left alone with Oliver.

« I should go too. I see you are not in a mood today. » I turned away but I was stopped when Oliver blocked my way.

« I’m so sorry. I don’t know what got into me! I am a bit sressed out about- »

« And you think you can let it out on me?! Oliver, I get it, but- »

« No, you don’t. You are not the captain. You are not the one that gets all the fault when we lose a match. »

I could see where he is coming from and I felt compassion for him.

« Oliver, listen. We are a team. you have to start to share your feelings with us. You don’t have to go trough this alone. You have us. And we are one amazing team if you ask me. Allways among the winners. So ease a bit because we can play good and we gonna prove it tomorrow. We will kick Slytherin’s ass. »

Oliver smiled and flew right next to me. He gave me a kiss followed with words « You know you are the best, right? »

Today is the game day and we all waited til we were called. Oliver stood in the front with me beside him.

« I kow I was a dick yesterday and I am sorry for that.Today let’s show what a real game looks like to those snakes, okay? For Gryffindor! » Shouted Oliver

« For Gryffindor! » We all shouted back.

« Well, you know as they say for a good luck knock on the wood, George » said Fred

Twins at the same time hit Oliver and laughted. I snorted and also hit Oliver. He looked at me with a question in his eyes: « You as well? »

« For a good luck » I said and we both smiled.

The game begins.

I hope you liked this one as well. Thank you for all that hearts my posts <3 Have a great day and send suggestions! Love you all!


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