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Mulan: 'Concentration camp' controversy explained – credit sequence raises questions!

Mulan is facing backlash for alleged ties with concentration camps. Let’s take a moment to consider the controversy and other issues plaguing the film’s release.
Which Disney film was your favourite growing up?
Many will have fond memories of wearing out VHS tapes of the likes of The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Cinderella and so forth during their formative years as an infant.
So, it’s hardly surprising that the Mickey Mouse house has rolled out a number of live-action remakes of their beloved classics over the years.
The aforementioned titles have all received the photorealistic CGI treatment, and whether you’re a fan of the revised products or not, there’s no denying that they have introduced these stories to new audiences.
Indeed, that’s a great thing considering these morality tales can teach you a lot at a young age.
Plenty of audiences learnt from The Lion King and 1998’s Mulan was yet another film which perfectly navigated essential themes of resilience and strength.
So, why is the Mulan remake riddled with negativity?
The backlash surfaced as a result of the film’s credit sequence where there is an extended thanks to the ‘Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Security’.
The Wrap claims that the Turpan bureau has helped China’s communist government imprison Muslims in concentration camps. Therefore, audiences and spectators have questioned the decision to include this acknowledgement in the film currently streaming on Disney+.
This previous source also notes that Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian – a reporter for Axios – tweeted about the detail in the credits, calling it “outrageous” while arguing to followers that the bureau has been “deeply involved” with camps in Xinjiang, Northwest China.
As for why they were mentioned in the credits, Cnet notes that some sequences were filmed at the location.
Even prior to this controversy, the film was being threatened by boycotters for another reason.
As noted by Cnet, the film’s leading actress – Yifei Liu – earlier expressed her support for the Hong Kong police, in the wake of protests against an extradition bill that would give mainland China’s courts power over sensitive legal cases:
In a later interview with Entertainment Weekly, she expressed: “It’s obviously a very complicated situation and I’m not an expert. I hope this all gets resolved soon.”
Nevertheless, many have called for the film’s boycott and this latest controversy is sure to see it become even more problematic.
A number of enraged audiences have already voiced their disgust over on Twitter, urging others to avoid the film
Check out a selection of tweets:
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