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Muggles At Work: Which Harry Potter Character Would Earn The Most In The Real World?

Harry Potter still holds a huge place in everyone’s hearts. With rumours of there being a return, fans are wondering; what they would all be up to now in the real world?
Experts at looked into the characteristics of each of the Harry Potter lot; and assessed the personality traits. With this, they were able to see what jobs they would suit best if they had a job in the real world. Additionally, they also looked into how much each of them would potentially earn; the results were astounding.
What jobs would they have in the muggle world?
Harry Potter, Film, Half-Blood Prince
Harry is a strong-willed, empathetic individual, who has extraordinary perceptiveness. Fans believe that Harry would take his passion and use it to help other people by becoming a Social Worker earning roughly £27,000.
Harry Potter, Film, Goblet of Fire
Fans say that Miss granger would have been best suited as a university lecturer earning an estimated £45,187. It is thought that she would likely have a career teaching numbers, as her favourite Hogwarts subject was Arithmancy.

Fans believe that after facing his fear, time and time again, Ron would eventually become quite accustomed to spiders. Along with his love of rodents, Ron would thrive as a pest controller earning £22,779.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
The highest earner of the lot would be Voldemort, earning £108,892. With his personality traits, it is believed that he would be best suited as the CEO of a telesales/fraud company. This comes down to his extraordinary leadership, and ability to brainwash people. As a result; he would be earning the big bucks.
Harry Potter, Film,
The character earning the least would be the remaining Weasley twin. Even though he is heartbroken over the loss of his brother. Fans believe he would carry on with his funny and warm-hearted temperament, making a living making other people happy.
After taking the average earnings from job roles on career search sites, we can see who would be the wealthiest out of the Harry Potter cast.

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