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Marvel reveals new images behind the scenes of the War of the Infinite

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The images are part of the arrival of the Avengers: Infinity War at Disney + and include unpublished documents behind the scenes.
Marvel and Disney are celebrating a great finish one of his films, the most successful in the digital platform of the house of Mickey Mouse and have released new, never-seen-before footage from behind the scenes of the Avengers: Infinity War.
Despite the fact that Disney + runs for a little over six months, the content of its catalogue had aroused some controversy due to the lack of certain movies and series that the public expects to find among the display options. The complaints focused in particular in the bands that belong to Marvel, because the adventures of Spider-Man and Avengers: Infinity War Tom Holland lacked.
In the latter, the main obstacle is stumbled upon in the contracts that Marvel and Disney have with other platforms in different countries, but especially in the united States. However, the picture in the first part of the denouement in the saga of the infinity has changed, and now the film has made its triumphant arrival to Disney +.
To celebrate, through social networks and other means of communication, the streaming platform has been the manager of spread and celebrate the news. And in the context of this promotion, Marvel has released a handful of clips behind the scenes of the Infinity War, and as you can see in the gallery that is inserted in this note.
All are unpublished and show the actors wore special costumes for the detection of movement, images from the set of filming and the brothers Russo, directors of the film), giving instructions to a Elizabeth Olsen focused on the psyche of Wanda and threatening the existence of the love of his life.
In another photo, you can see Mark Ruffalo take the shots with the laughter of Benedict Wong, and in the other the partner of Chris (Evans and Hemsworth), sharing moments under the umbrella that covers the sun in which it is assumed that the landscape Outside of Wakanda.
Avengers: Infinity War was the first principal of the production of the Marvel to put together a solid-cast, and to build stories for each one of them with a great success and an acceptance of criticism and by the fans. It is also known to contain one of the more confusing recently recalled in a box-office success.
The mexican public does not yet account with the streaming service Disney +, however, Avengers: Infinity War is still part of the catalog of Amazon Prime Video.
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