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Letter: A bit of advice for Russia's internet ghostwriters

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As a 57-year-old flesh-and-blood Muscovite who occasionally has his letters published in English in your paper, I would like to appeal to our pro-Kremlin internet ghostwriters in St Petersburg (“Russian troll farm makes US comeback”, September 5).
Buddies, I spent five most brilliant years of my life as a St Petersburg University student. It all comes back when I am rereading Dostoevsky’s first novel Poor Folk, where the protagonist writes: “How clearly I remember my youth! In those days I never had a kopeck to spare. Yet, cold and hungry though I was, I was always light-hearted. In the morning I would walk the Nevski Prospect, and meet nice-looking people, and be happy all day. Yes, it was a glorious, a glorious time! It was good to be alive, especially in St Petersburg.”
So be alive in St Petersburg and start sending letters in English with your real address and real telephone number to international papers. Yes, most of them will be rejected. But keep on trying and some will be published. That’s how The Beatles released their first album and JK Rowling published her first Harry Potter book.
Mergen Mongush
Moscow, Russia

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