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'Harry Potter' Fans: This Is Why Harry Drops the Resurrection Stone

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It’s always frustrating whenever a character in a movie or book has an item of immeasurable power and then destroys it because it’s too much might for any one person to hold, and the ability to abuse such a force is very, very real. Like the mass surveillance system that Batman employed in The Dark Knight to locate Joker, or the Resurrection Stone in Harry Potter. Speaking of which, why does our young wizard drop the stone in the first place?
Many of them are rooted in the fact that Harry didn’t believe, personally, that anyone should ever use the Resurrection Stone, which, as the name entails, is able to bring people back to life. If you aren’t familiar with the series, then here’s skinny on the stone: It was the second “Hallow” created. Hallows are magical items / relics that are capable of some truly wondrous feats.
The Resurrection Stone was the second Hallow ever created, and it’s rumored that Death itself had made it. When combined with the two other Hallows — the Cloak of Invisibility and the Elder Wand — the possessor would become the “Master of Death.”
Harry supposedly drops the stone for several reasons, one being because it didn’t truly bring people back, just “shades” of them as Redditor Talgori puts it.
Another reason for Harry ultimately dropping the stone is that if he were to get rid of it, then that would mean no one else could become a Master of Death. This means that Voldemort would never be able to simultaneously possess all three of the Hallows.
Interestingly enough though, the rumored way to become a true “Master of Death” in the Harry Potter series doesn’t exactly pertain to gaining ownership of the Hallows.
Harry, himself, became a Master of Death because no single individual can escape the end of their lives, no matter how hard they try. Harry is able to “defeat” death another way: After fighting with Voldemort in the forest and being killed by the dark Wizard, Harry doesn’t really die, but he is resurrected truly as himself, and not a shadow of who he was previously.
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