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Happy 15th Birthday, Hong Kong Disneyland!

15 years ago today, Hong Kong Disneyland opened its gates for the first time. But, the thoroughfares of Disney’s fifth resort, unfortunately, sit empty today as the park remains closed due to concerns regarding the pandemic. So, Disney Parks has decided to mark its 15th anniversary with a very special virtual celebration!

Disney Parks Blog wrote,
Today marks the 15th birthday of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort! To celebrate the occasion, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their Disney friends will send birthday wishes online, inviting guests to join the party and share in the happiness together, virtually! 
Guests can join Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s virtual birthday celebration with our Disney friends on Facebook. And together, we can all share our birthday wishes with Hong Kong Disneyland Resort!
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The past couple of years have not been kind to Hong Kong Disneyland. 2019 saw clashes between pro-freedom protests and law enforcement which significantly affected the park’s attendance to the point of even canceling the New Year’s Eve party. Then, 2020 brought the pandemic and saw the closure of not just Hong Kong Disneyland Park and the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, but every other Disney theme park and resort hotel in Shanghai, Tokyo, Anaheim, Orlando, and Paris.
Optimistically, Hong Kong was the second Disney park to reopen, but a slight resurgence in pandemic cases triggered the government to reclose the park. Park officials now wait anxiously for the chance to reopen again. 
But while Hong Kong Disneyland has had one of the bleakest years, it also has the most optimistic future with the addition of the beautiful Castle of Magical Dreams nearing completion and addition of a brand-new Frozen-themed land, not to mention the incredible Toy Story and Marvel attractions already added.
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There is little doubt that once this little park finds its footing again, it is going to run like never before.
Happy 15th Birthday, Hong Kong Disneyland! See ya real soon!

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