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Global Request to keep the effects of the Trace Charm.

Dear WB/ Niantic

We the global Wizards Unite Community disapprove of the choice to have the Trace Charm clone fixed. 
We insist that the benefits be given as this particular feature assist players in low spawn and rural areas. 
We are unhappy with the decision you have taken and kindly request you look into this in a meaningful way. 
Moreover, the current 'bug' was what was brought forward to the playerbase was what we expected. 
Please reconsider.

Kindest Regards. 
The Global Wizarding Community.
@hpwulola @HPWUrobert @HPWUblue
As mentioned on our Known Issues list, there was a bug where the Trace Charm sometimes provides duplicate traces. The intention of the Trace Charm is to give players X more traces, but not the identical traces. This will not lower the traces a player sees when placing the charm, but instead will provide a variety of traces rather than duplicate ones.
This has been a great feature for players. Please do not remove it.
Well, we enjoyed it while it lasted… but now fix the fragment issue (proficiency of trace charm)!

Although I agree, I'd prefer to keep the duplicate traces, it was so much better!
@hpwulola Can you clarify what you mean by the duplicate? Most of the community call the 'duplicate' trace the one that is the same as the original that the trace charm is cast on. And then we get x 'additional' traces that are all the same (x = your efficacy amount).

Are you saying that we'll no longer get the duplicate of the original trace, or that the additional x traces (6 in my case) won't all be the same? So instead of getting say 6 Draco's each giving 2 fragments, we may get 6 different traces? – e.g. 1 Draco, 1 Cedric, 1 Young Harry, 1 Buckbeak, 1 Flying Car and 1 Grawp.
@hpwulola We are aware that it provides duplicate traces. The point being made is that it has helped players from areas with lower spawn rates. Is there any way to consider rebalancing this?

Having the trace charm spawn a variety of other traces is no different to using a trace tonic.
This was not an occasional bug, this was the way it always worked. If WB/Niantic couldn't be bothered to do even the most basic testing before releasing this feature (casting trace charm even once would have revealed this"bug"), they shouldn't remove the best parts of the feature after the fact, particularly with how fantastically they managed to **** up other features in the same release. When Mea Culpa gifts become a regular part of ordinary operation, maybe you should rethink something in your production process.
The "clone" foundable has been the ABSOLUTE BEST THING about the Trace Charm. There are a few foundables that are holding back my page prestiges, and using the Trace Charm on them has been wonderful. I have used it on the omniculars and Young Ron Weasley.
If you get rid of this feature I would really like to see something to replace it, so that players can select which foundables they want more fragments for, and not just get randomness that we have tons of already.
I think Wu just pulled the last plug of all the messes since May. If you truly intend for people to stop caring and playing, you got it. I'm over it. After loosing all the fragments, after all the bugs, the days on end not being able to play, you let people spend resources they grinded hard and then **** what they used them on.
Its not just the duplicate, the whole way trace charm worked is dead. Now you get random low level fragments. That is not what I played for. So, goodbye. I just got tired of being the one with joke being on me.
In the mean time, maybe hire someone that can actually write and make text on sos tree actually mean something real. Or maybe it's as intendend so you can change it around as you please and not caring any less about players.
The charm was working perfectly to me and didn't require a fix. The way you "fixed" it you ruined the most awesome current feature of the game, I used trace charm on an emergency trace a few minutes ago and got random low threat traces. It worked the same as tonic. Totally useless. Please reverse your decision.
duplicate traces helps player with low spawn area when capture riddikkulus-ly rare foundables, thus helps in prestiging the page and avoid stuck for too long.
because of this, i mostly use trace charm on yellow or orange beam when found needed foundable for prestiging. red beam is now a common foundables and always have an event to spawn for them.
Low traces for emergency traces?
This is true?!
This 'fix' makes Trace Charm less valuable than a tonic potion. And a lot more "expensive".
It is not fair to those who invested so much in sos tree to get all those great spawns and obviously the duplicated one…
Random stuff just because.. no thanks!
@IesusChristus there has been reports that the traces are now low level and random
Trace charm was the best feature of the game. It made the game fun again. Now I'm not sure I'll continue playing. Going from one screenshot to the other in the game of using trace charm is alarming. Fun -> Not so fun anymore. If this feature isn't reversed, there will be loads of people quitting. This is the last straw. Fix the game. Leave the features we like in the game. Check with the community before making drastic changes like this. Your game is as good as how much the community loves to play it.
I just noticed this! I am so disappointed. I have been focusing my book spending on improving the trace charm. Now they changed it. I feel cheated.
Fix the fragments! Give us back the duplication.
@hpwulola thats bull, the trace charm is completely useless now, no reason to use it, absolutely no reason to spend any kind of dada/rsbs on it, and i pity those who did, they wasted them for something that now has 0 value. Let me guess we'll get a free gift containing 1-2 dadas and a couple of dittany?

Bring back the trace charm as it was before today.
@hpwulola @HPWUrobert @HPWUblue there are lots of complaints regarding the current changes to the trace charm.
It’s ok to make the traces random, but they should be at least the same level or higher of the trace we cast it on.
It is ok to spawn diverse things but the rarity should be higher. Otherwise bring back proficiency to work like how it was written.
I just dropped a trace charm on Fluffy; for the 4 additional traces revealed, I got just ONE “rare” Foundable, and the other 3 traces spawned were all ordinary, common-class (55 images needed to place) foundables. When it was announced that you didn’t want the extra traces revealed to be “indentical” I was expecting that charming a rare trace would at least yield 4 different RARE traces???
It is time for a break.

I will be back after the Wizarding Weekend. Hopefully Niantic and WB employees will have enjoyed their time off as well and return with a renewed commitment to the game and the fan base.
Wow what a terrible “bug” fix. The Trace Charm was the best thing about this game. I am on level 51 and was getting pretty tired and fed up with this game, and the Trace Charm made it exciting to play again. I suspected that it was too good to be true, but I can’t believe they’re going to **** off all their loyal players like that, by taking away the best thing about the new SOS training feature. Actually, the best **** thing about the whole game. I have spent way too much money on this game, think I may be done for good.
@hpwulola As others have said, this is really disappointing, and it's frustrating that you guys would've rolled out this feature and kept it for weeks if it wasn't functioning as intended. My prediction: next up we'll get an, "Oops, you weren't supposed to get bonus wizarding XP with every trunk, either."
Seriously. This was the only thing that was making up for the last bugs that eviscerated months’ worth of progress. Just bring it back, what’s the harm?
Even if you don't leave it with (7 in my case) duplicate efficacy traces, it's my understanding the TC spawns should be at the same level or higher than the spawn I used the TC on. That is not the case post "fix", and so I'm assuming it's now REALLY broken. Please fix. Otherwise I (and everyone else) would like new profession lessons and my green books back. What a killer.
@andyj682 they arent supposed, if you check the text under those nodes they say "this lesson allows treasure trunks to reward you with bonus wizarding xp" ,chance, as is now they reward always. Yes, expect that to be nerfed to sometimes/never.
@TilMetis good point! I forgot this ruins the wizarding weekend! Why use the TC if it's all random.
@hpwulola I assume you mean this known issue list that was updated on August 21 and was immediately closed, preventing any players from asking any clarification questions regarding what "Duplicate Traces revealed by the Trace Charm" meant? That is not very clear, since the anchor Trace (the Trace you cast the Trace Charm on) did, and still does, respawn after you return it–sometimes. So, many players probably assumed you were fixing that issue, and did not think that you were changing a core game mechanic that many players have come to rely upon.

Less players would have been upset about this change if you had communicated the intended behavior clearly from the beginning, so we knew it was a bug and should not be investing so many resources in the Trace Charm.
@hpwulola The "fix" to duplicate traces appearing now makes traces of random difficulty to appear. According to the skills descriptions and the update with the new verbiage. The difficulty of traces spawned from the trace charm SHOULD be of the same difficulty or higher. This is another case of your "FIX" breaking the game!
Yes, all traces should not be the same trace, but they should be the same difficulty or higher.
@hpwulola maybe this was how it was meant to work, but you can't on one side modify the trace charm to the detriment of players to make how it was meant (reduced severity of most traces spawned by trace charm) and at the same time not modify the trace charm proficiency to make it work as it was clearly meant in the proficiency description, ie +1 fragment per proficiency level not maxed to 2!

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