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Entertainment News Roundup: Australian film-maker braves double COVID quarantine for Venice …

Following is a summary of current entertainment news briefs.
Australian film-maker braves double COVID quarantine for Venice festival
Australian director Roderick MacKay braved COVID-19 restrictions to make a « daunting » trip to the Venice film festival, where his debut feature « The Furnace » premieres on Friday. MacKay had to get permission from Australian authorities to leave his own country, quarantine in Rome for two weeks before travelling to Venice, and will have to quarantine again when he goes back to Australia.
How Disney should handle ‘Black Panther 2’ after Chadwick Boseman’s death
Soon after learning that « Black Panther » star Chadwick Boseman had died at age 43, fans urged Marvel Studios not to recast the role, setting up a dilemma for the studio planning a sequel to Hollywood’s first major superhero film with a predominantly Black cast. Writers, academics and activists – speaking to Reuters about the film’s cultural impact and Boseman’s performance – believe Marvel and its parent company, Walt Disney Co, should honor Boseman’s legacy with a storyline that anoints a new Black Panther from the film’s existing cast or elsewhere in the Marvel Universe.

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