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Dan Fogler Teases About “Harry Potter” Characters in “Fantastic Beasts 3”

Dan Fogler, who plays the lovable No-Maj Jacob Kowalski in the Fantastic Beasts movies gave us some fun teasers of Fantastic Beasts 3 in a recent interview.
Fogler spoke with the Movie Dweeb and talked all things nerdy, Fantastic Beasts, and how he should be in the Star Wars franchise.
Fogler admitted that he has already been on set for a costume fitting and safety measures are being taken seriously. He is not a fan of having the COVID test done, but his excitement to be back on set is worth whatever it takes. 
Fogler has a lot to do as Jacob in Fantastic Beasts 3 and he’s excited to get started. There have been rumors flying around the Wizarding World that there will be some Potter fan favorites making an appearance in the third film. The question is asked about who Fogler would like to work with most on set and he quickly becomes distracted by a Niffler on a shelf above the interviewer. Very well played, Fogler.
After some thought, Fogler starts jokingly hinting at a potential crossover with Hagrid. His Hagrid impression is quite impressive as well! Fogler thinks it would be funny if Jacob somehow ended up being Hagrid’s adopted father. His thought is that maybe Hagrid’s mother approached Newt about caring for her baby and Newt is busy, so Jacob is the best choice. That’s definitely not the story we heard from Hagrid. Fogler thinks anything is possible for this film. With the concept of Time-Turners, who knows who might show up.
The interview then goes into a complicated spin-off of two truths one lie, but it’s unlike any game we’ve ever played before. The rules of this particular game, due to legal reasons of filming and such can be three lies, three truths, or two lies and one truth. This gets Fogler to thinking hard and he drops some hilarious thoughts.
Nifflers are deemed the most dangerous creature in all of the Wizarding World.
Fair point, but we have to ask why? Fogler says it’s because nobody knows exactly where the portal in the marsupial pouch goes.
Because of the new protocols, Fantastic Beasts 3 will be set in a dystopian sci-fi future, we’re still in ’20s outfits, but we have hazmat suits on.
This is believable for the way the year has gone so far.
There will be a new creature that is based on the [COVID] test that attacks you from the periphery with swab-like antennae and mandibles that get you in your nose and your mouth. It’ll take samples from you and clone you.
In the Wizarding World, we’ve learned that nearly anything is possible. Also, not what we were expecting.
You can watch this laughter-filled interview below and get caught up on everything in Fogler’s world. What Harry Potter character are you hoping to see show up in Fantastic Beasts 3? Let us know!

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