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'Brother Vs Brother': Will Jonathan's back-to-back wins break Drew's spirit or motivate him to strike …

HGTV’s ‘Brother Vs Brother’ is only in its second episode but the pressure has increased by leaps and bounds. After winning the living room challenge, Jonathan Scott has returned with more energy and vigor to compete with brother Drew Scott in the kitchen challenge.
Drew was pumped about the task from the start because they were asked to retain and polish the historic look and feel of the kitchen. The corner house (Drew’s site) was easily more embedded with culture than the house next door (Jonathan’s house). 

However, Jonathan’s barrel-style ceiling and double-island kitchen trumped Drew’s finished kitchen that came with an $8,000 fireplace. Jonathan now has bagged two back-to-back wins, which puts him ahead in the competition but there are plenty of opportunities for Drew to strike back. Meanwhile, Jonathan is now more confident than ever and has a slight clarity about what the judges expect of him. He presented two different styles in his challenges and both were equally appreciated.

Now, he has a clear idea on how he needs to plan and execute his future tasks if he wishes to win the competition. In other news, ‘Brother Vs Brother’ is a competition series between the Property Brothers, during the course of which, Jonathan and Scott purchase, renovate, and sell houses. The one who sells it for a higher price wins. Additionally, the winner of the weekly challenge gets a reward or power to embarrass the loser. 

This week, Drew had to collect a laundry list of things to eat, balloons and a Mickey Mouse hat among other things for Jonathan while he toured Disneyland’s 21 Royal. It’s a mansion that was constructed specially for Walt Disney. Drew was upset about losing the challenge but what got him really worked up was not being able to stay the night at Disneyland because it was something his wife, Linda Phan-Scott, has been wanting to experience.

However, Jonathan arranged for a fun day out for the three of them — eating good food and enjoying the rides and tours. Catch all the new episodes of ‘Brother vs Brother’ every Wednesday on HGTV at 9/8c. For more information, check your local listings.

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