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Brave Girl With Spina Bifida Builds Muscles at Disney World

Harper Mae Comparin, is a three-and-a-half year old girl who has already been through so much. The toddler suffers from spina bifida, a disorder that stops the spine from developing properly at birth.
However, this little lady hasn’t let that stop her. She has built her muscle strength up in the coolest way possible; by exploring Walt Disney World.
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Harper initially shot to internet fame when a video of her learning to walk using the ‘Baby Shark‘ song was shared by ABC Action News. Now the ‘Baby Shark’ girl is making waves by developing her muscle strength at the Most Magical Place on Earth.
The young Disney fan required therapy to be able to walk and talk, but was able assisted by the team at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Physical therapy assistant Nick Hamilton was particularly comforting to young Harper.
After learning to walk with ‘Baby Shark’ Harper is now ready to build up that muscle strength by running around the park, lining up for rides, and interacting with her favorite characters like all kids should.
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2020 has brought a whole heap of challenges. The coronavirus pandemic has made social distancing and face masks a fact of life, even at Disney parks.
However, if this amazing little girl is able to stay positive and enjoy the happiest place on Earth through all of her troubles, surely we can all find the strength to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic together.
Harper is an incredibly impressive young lady. Hopefully her story will continue to spread across the country, from Los Angeles to New York and the wider world. Everyone should hear about this amazing girl and her bravery!
Like any three year old, Harper was initially terrified of getting her leg cast taken off. Fortunately, Hamilton had a Frozen themed solution.
A self described “big kid at heart”, Hamilton created a cast for Harper’s Elsa doll too to convince the young Disney fan that it would all be alright. It worked a treat and Harper’s mom couldn’t believe it;
“Having her baby doll that she carries with her everywhere get a cast just like hers has helped her feel better about it,”, she said.
We think it’s beyond cool that Harper is tackling spina difida so courageously. Her adorable Disney coping methods and Hamilton’s ‘improvised’ therapy techniques make this brave little girl all the more admirable.
We at Inside the Magic wish her all the best and many, many more fun Walt Disney World trips ahead! You can keep following Harper’s journey on Instagram, right here.
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Let us know your thoughts on this inspirational little lady in the comments below. 
Source: ABC Action News

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