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'Botched': Why is the show not airing today? Here's what to expect from the next episode

Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow have entertained us for many weeks, but sadly, the show will not be airing today (September 7). The network is currently showing all the Harry Potter movies and it is possible that they decided to skip a new episode due to labor day. With the families coming together on their holiday, it looks like the network opted to run Harry Potter movies. 
However, the wait for a new episode of ‘Botched’ is not a long one as the show airs next week on September 14. The synopsis for the upcoming episode reveals that there is a lot of exciting things the show will offer it fans as it reads: « An evil witch wants sexy cat eyes and gives the doctors a taste of her dominatrix ways; a surgery in Tijuana leaves a woman with stomach scars and nipples near her collarbone. »

While it is unclear about who will appear on the show, reading the description, there is no doubt that the wait is going to be worth it. Up until now, Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif have had to deal with a lot of shocking botched surgeries on the show. Right from a cheap breast surgery that put someone’s life in danger to a damaged face caused by a motorcycle accident, the doctors have seen it all. 

In the previous episode, the pair met Dolly Parton lookalike Haley who came with 1,200 CC breast implants. Haley revealed that nearly three months after getting the surgery, she felt a scab under her breast and it was later revealed to be her implants leaking. While Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif thought that the doctor would have removed the implants, they were shocked to find out that he chose to replace the existing ones with a new one. 

Dr Dubrow was concerned about what state her implants would be in. However, he was surprised to find out that it had healed. Despite this, he warned Haley that over a period of time she would have to get those implants removed as they might start damaging her breasts. While Haley chose to let them be as they were, she admitted that she would consider the advice. 

With such extraordinary cases coming on the show, there is no doubt that the next episode will also have viewers glued to their screens.
‘Botched’ returns on September 14 at 9 pm ET on E! 

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