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Amber Heard Confirms Starring in Aquaman 2 As She Slams Johnny Depp In Latest Case!

Amber Heard Confirms Starring in Aquaman 2 As She Slams Johnny Depp In Latest Case!: Johnny Depp has filed a case against Amber Heard for declaring that she was a domestically abused during her marriage with Depp. However, Johnny has denied these claims while filing the lawsuit.
However, he wants to postpone the hearing of the case due to his work commitments. Johnny’s shooting schedule of Fantastic Beasts is clashing with the date of the court hearing, and he wants to push it. He wants to complete the shoot of Fantastic Beast 3 and appear before the court.
Amber Heard is not happy that Johnny is trying to move the date and has rejected it. She feels Johnny should adjust with the shoot as per the trial dates. As per Amber Heard’s reply to the court, she said in her document:
“Although Mr Depp had been contacted in late June or July with the proposed filming dates, he did not alert them to the trial dates.”
Amber Heard is not ready to change the dates of the trial and wants Johnny to adjust his shooting dates. She said:
“Mr Depp decided that, rather than speak with his employer to work his film commitments around his trial, he asks this court to subserviently reschedule around his employment and the entire film schedule and production.”
Amber is all set and prepared to take on her ex-husband in another court case after the previous one relating to articles published by The Sun. The latest court battle between the two is a £37million libel battle, but more than money is at stake for the two actors.
Amber Heard is indeed starring in Aquaman 2. Earlier there were reports that she got removed from it due to the legal battle with Johnny. Moreover, even Johnny admitted to trying to remove her from the same.
However, in her reply to Johnny’s request, she specified that she had to herself postpone the shoot of Aquaman 2 due to the clash with the trial date.
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